Swift’s propensity for satire really takes center stage in his essay A Modest Proposal. If interpreted literally, the essay is disgusting and degrading, but when read the way Swift indented, it expresses his disgust at the degradation of the living conditions of so many Irish people. His sarcastic proposal serves to critique the incompetence of … Continue reading


One Blond Baby with a Side Salad, please.

     Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” is an entertaining, wildly horrific, inhumane, and perfectly argued essay.  With well over six supporting reasons why consuming children can benefit the masses, Swift has successfully constructed a satirical essay that jabs at Irish policies.  The casual simplicity in his explanation and the only-helpful tone throughout this argument not … Continue reading


A Modest Proposal

            “A Modest Proposal” was quite a shift in gears from the subject matter of “A Lady’s Dressing Room”! The essay is very ironic and eye-opening. I wasn’t sure in the beginning paragraph if Swift was compassionate towards beggars or being ironic in his sympathetic tone. On one hand, he refers to the begging mothers … Continue reading

Eighteenth Century

“A Modest Proposal”: Its Historical Context and Relation to “The Lady’s Dressing Room”

While I read Jonathan Swift’s satirical “A Modest Proposal,” I assumed it was written in the mid to late eighteenth century since cannibalism is its main solution to the poor economic conditions in Ireland. Therefore, at the end of the article, I was surprised to see that it was published in 1729 because the first … Continue reading