Eighteenth Century / Food and Culture

Tea: It’s Full of Temptation

The earliest descriptions western descriptions of tea occurred in 1559 in a volume of travel literature.  However, tea was not introduced to Europe until 1610.  The earliest descriptions of tea as a commodity in England began in the mid-seventeenth century. And ends in the early nineteenth century with the disbanding of the East India Company’s … Continue reading

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The Style of Clarissa and the Ignorance of Lovelace

“Why, Sir, if you were to read Richardson for the story, your impatience would be so much fretted that you would hang yourself. But you must read him for the sentiment, and consider the story as only giving occasion to the sentiment.” — Dr. Johnson Honestly, I was incredibly relieved when I read the quotation … Continue reading

Eighteenth Century / Food and Culture

Sugar Production and Consumption

  History of Sugarcane           Scholars have concluded that sugarcane originated in New Guinea about 8,000 years ago, then was traded within Caribbean, Southeast Asian, South American, and European cultures prior to the fourteenth century (The Sugar Association). Sugar was not available to the English public until 1319 since it had to be imported from … Continue reading