Final Project: Sharing the News

For our final project I wanted to find something that would be both creative and entertaining. (There were some great suggestions from previous students as we can see.) I wanted to find an interested way to discuss and express my findings and be in support our course topic. Taking from our readings as of most recently, I would like to create a newsletter within the Georgian Times, possibly called the “Georgian Times” and utilize some of the stories we have gotten to know such as Ms. Mary Prince, also known as Molly and Mr. Olaudah Equiano as characters of people who share stories in this newsletter.

As any newsletter, The Georgian Times will cover a variety of news worthy articles specific to a community. I hope this will fulfill the viewpoints and expressions of what this class has over all taught us for a select viewpoint. From food of a culture, to the arts of a community, to the possible daily community news, or news worthy stories. All of this newsletter to take on the historical take and influences of all the materials we’ve read, specifying a particular community, the people of the slave labours.

My goal is to support our research, close readings and analysis in an entertain or fun way of the Georgian Times. Hopefully it can be fun and successful. The

Possible Subjects you will see in the Newsletter:
advice column, to food recipes, to food sales, classifieds, community news worthy notes.


4 thoughts on “Final Project: Sharing the News

  1. I think you’re idea is pretty interesting and should work well. I’m not too sure about what you are including though, I feel like food sales and food recipes could be counted as one category. The advice column seems like a tricky idea to me as well, I think it will be easier to make it satirical than making it a serious part of your paper. I would play off of what we have learned in the readings, like using the theme from The Lady’s Dressing Room (obviously this isn’t your only reading it’s just the one I thought of first. Putting in these sarcastic comments about how women always take so long to get ready and maybe joking about how men didn’t think they had the same bodily functions. Overall I think this is a good project and I think you have an opportunity to make it a really entertaining way of talking about that time period.

  2. I really like this idea. I think it will allow you to simultaneously take a holistic perspective of all the different experiences the protagonists we have read have, while focusing on certain details that make them unique. I agree that having a number of different sections would be best, but I also think going into the project to be most successful, you should have a thesis statement that provides direction for the paper to give it impact. For example, is this a paper written primarily for upper class men? What type of news would they be interested in? What types of opinions would they want to read? Who would advertise to them? I think if you can choose a direction to go with it will give your paper a greater impact.

  3. I am really excited to hear about how it turns out! I feel that this will be great and you can address some topics and issues that we have read about in a more “user friendly” sort of way. You should make a Georgian Era comic as well! I think that would be an interesting thing to read about. Some old school humor would make it a lighter read as well. I also agree with Nate though, that you should have a direct crowd in mind when writing it. If you talk about multiple different class problems, then your thesis would get lost in translation. Making some advertisements to make it look and read like a real newspaper would be interesting to see as well.

  4. Keyonne, I love this idea. I think your title is clever, and this approach will permit you to tackle a lot of information in a manageable way. NAKI8788 raises a very valid point: what is the perspective of this paper? Who is the audience — you’ll definitely want to have this firm in your mind prior to organizing your work and your categories for the paper. This audience will very much influence how you choose to integrate the influence you are drawn to in Prince and Equiano’s works. Remember that there would be very limited options for publication for slaves, or freed slaves, If you would like to make a publication that is geared towards this audience it will be crucial to consider what the goals of such a publication might be, what its readers would be invested in (abolitionist concerns, issues of the slave trade, etc.), I think this might be a fascinating way to focus your historical research and execute this project.

    If you choose a different audience, you might consider a publication for women, or a publication for a particular career of men, etc. I also love the notion of including a comic, a the political cartoon was a popular form at the time. If you choose to either draw an original cartoon to fit your thesis or to find an eighteenth century one to utilize in your paper, I encourage you to look at James Gillray and William Hogarth for inspiration as they were very popular artists of this genre.

    I look forward to your final work!

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