Fashion and Women’s Rights in the 18th Century: FINAL PROJECT

I struggled a little bit deciding what to do for my final project but I think I have found something that could turn out really interesting. I am going to do a PowerPoint on fashion in the 18th century and how women had a lack of power roles. I will also discuss mannerisms that may have lead to this, and what could have possibly been different if they were given more power, including what they were able to wear. I feel that the “lady in the dressing room” article is a strong argument to some issues that women faced about being perfect all the time. I will be taking into account bits and pieces of different readings but also using a few outside resources. I am quite excited to see how this turns out since I know it will be a little bit of a struggle. Women had such restricted lives back then, so I want to make sure that I address the topics of improvements within the 18th century, and reflect them on modern day as well. I think that this will turn out great as a PowerPoint and I hope I can find some good images to go along with the information. The way that men and women dressed highly reflected on their class and social status in society, so it is very interesting to physically see the differences that brought other issues to individuals as well.

If anyone has any other thoughts or topics that might be great to address as well please let me know!


3 thoughts on “Fashion and Women’s Rights in the 18th Century: FINAL PROJECT

  1. I like the way you have decided to present your final project, I think putting the information into a PowerPoint will draw more attention than a paper or short story. I think it would be kind of cool to look at women’s roles between the 18th century and today. This contrast would offer someone with little knowledge about the time period a way to understand how different it was without having to do multiple Google searches. The pictures will add to your project although I’m curious as to which ones you are wanting to look for. Aside from the women in the long dresses I think it might be a challenge to find pictures that will represent how women were viewed in society. You’re right about this project being a bit of a challenge however when you pull it off it’ll be really neat and I think it’ll impact people in a new way.

  2. A powerpoint is a better choice that a paper, as fashion relies heavily on images. I think it would be interesting to see how the choices that were made in fashion impacted the health of the women (lead in makeup, corsets, etc.). I agree that it will be difficult to find different viewpoints, but there is a lot of references to women and their rights in the literature that we have read. I would be interested in hearing about women that “broke the mold” and were socially powerful but did not conform to the image that we have of women at the time. This is an excellent choice for a final project, but it will be a challenge finding enough content to add to make it long enough. Good luck!

  3. KEGO0545, I agree with ROCKWELLADAM that the visual elements of a power point will lend to your project as there is such a visuality to fashion.
    I have a few concerns that I’d like to address with regard to your project. First, what is the ultimate argument that your project will be forwarding. I understand that you are articulating that the regulations of fashion echo the regulations of women’s roles in the world of the eighteenth century, but ultimately what is the significance of this observation?

    Further, I’m not certain that I have a very clear vision of how you aim to incorporate the reading that we have done into this project? There are numerous ways in which our readings have spoken to the role of the feminine, so how will you narrow down your options and select your texts?

    please let me know if you would like to workshop these ideas further.

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