FInal Project

It took me a while to figure out what I want to do for a final project, I kept going back and forth between a tweaked version of Gulliver’s Travels or The Lady’s Dressing Room. I think I’ve finally landed on using Gulliver’s Travels as my base. I want to keep the main character and the idea of being “kept” in a society that is much different than his own. In my version in the story I’m hoping to keep one of the societies a traditional 18th century one. The main character will be named Charlie, just because I want to take some artistic authority. Charlie will go through a ship wreck and wake up on some strange island, the first island will be a traditional society seen during the time. In this society Charlie will fit right in, be one of the guys and find a woman who will want to give him her all. He will, however, be ahead of his time when considering women’s roles and will proceed to question why someone would want to wait on him hand and foot while not expecting anything in return. After pondering this for a while he will decide to take a short walk down the river to clear his mind. This walk will change his life forever because he will go through some traumatic accident and wake up in a world where women are seen as equal to men. In this society however, he won’t be seen as one of their own until he accepts the way things are. In this story I want to keep a focus on women’s roles in both societies. I think doing this will make it an easy read but then highlight what has changed and what hasn’t over the course of a hundred or so years. I will have to do a bit more research on the roles of women then and now as well as maybe some opinions about what women should be like today. I’m hoping to keep it light hearted as to not bore or anger my audience. I’d like to have them walk away at least entertained by what they just read.


One thought on “FInal Project

  1. SARAMICHELLE007, I appreciate that you’re going to take a creative approach to your project. I do, however, have some initial concerns that I’d like you to work through. First, what is the thesis or the argument of your work? You mention that you’re using Gulliver’s Travels as the base text, but what are you going to be arguing regarding the text that you approach. My second initial concern is regarding the form your text will take. As you are creating a fiction story, how will your form of the story echo or speak to the way we have discussed the genre of the novel in the eighteenth century? As you are crafting a tale, what will your message be about the role of form in the literature of this era?
    Please let me know if you would like to discuss this further.

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