Second post – week 5

I thought that the way the novel was interesting and I have definitely read a few books that have been written in this format. Much like trying to figure out Shakespeare it took me a while to get a hold of who was who in the story. Like I had mentioned in one of my other posts this style allows for a ton of bias into a person’s interpretation. Much like with Tabitha we would assume that she is used to being rich and having wealth so she comes off as greedy. But on the flip side of that I would wonder if she isn’t scared of not having everything? Sure, in those days being wealthy meant you had greater opportunities but is whether or not people took advantage of these is questionable. Maybe she wants a husband who has the same status because she is afraid of change, of poverty or maybe she is just scared of being judged by the wealthy because she knows she looks down on people who don’t share her social seat. There are always different ways of interpretation but this style opens up a whole new can of worms.

wc 195


One thought on “Second post – week 5

  1. You mention that Tabby might be frightened of having nothing — this is a very interesting assertion. What elements of her behavior lead you to this thought? Might you guide us towards a moments that demonstrates this underlying fear?

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