Stock Jobber

A stock jobber is a slang term for a stock salesman who works directly with other stock brokers, or other “stock jobbers.” Stock jobbers usually specialize in one type of stock security. The term is usually disparaging, came about in the London Stock Exchange. The term is disparaging because it can refer to someone selling worthless securities, or due to the fact that they do not deal with the public.

This term is directly applicable to Robinson Crusoe, because his solitude represents a market model: one with one producer, and one consumer, and two primary goods. The model is presumed to be cut off from trade, and all commodities are presumed to come from pre-existing stocks. Fittingly, this has been labeled a “Robinson Crusoe economy” and is a model used to explore economic issues. Examining such an economy with one single agent can be useful in understanding consumer and lender behavior, and used to understand markets where there are multiple agents. Since Crusoe produces solely for himself, he is both a consumer and a producer, and since he only negotiates with himself, he is a stock jobber. This model is also used to predict the value of public goods, which is interesting considering Crusoe’s existence as running counter to society. To expand on the model, we can consider Friday to be another consumer, albeit with rational interests, and equal to Crusoe himself. Overall, this term relates to the text as we are able to consider Crusoe’s situation for its economic meaning.

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