Equiano vs. Prince- Battle of the sexes

1.)  Although both of the stories/narratives are similar, they are very different. Both Equiano and Prince have it hard and are denied freedoms but in the end, Equiano buys freedom and Prince does not. I always go back to the point regarding the biggest distinction between the two stories was that Prince was born into slavery while Equiano was brought into the crazy world of it. Equiano knew of a different world outside of slavery, while Prince did not. This came with previous knowledge and circumstances such as being literate and having a defined life outside of different masters’ expectations and power. Beyond the measures that, Prince is a female and Equiano is a male, I do believe this had a role in defining her incapability of being able to define herself as free. Being a woman was hard enough back in this time period, yet, being a black woman was probably one hundred times harder. I have an online version I am reading, but right in the beginning the reader can tell the grammatical errors make the story grasp a completely different tone compared to Equiano.

2.)  There seemed to be no limitations when it came to gender. There were various examples when men and women were required to perform the same chores. I believe the only time gender roles are briefly is when Mary I believe has to bathe her master and situations similar to that. Where sex is preferred. They would have pregnant women doing things that would usually only be done by men. It was very hard reading these narratives and trying to personally place myself into the context.

3.)  The slave bodies are considered nothing more than materialistic matter. Continually the slaves are beat into the ground, going beyond the point of physical exhaustion and in some cases, to death. There are scenes where the bodies become an object for the masters to rest anger, pleasure, and force upon, almost like a form of therapy. It goes beyond materialism and become obsessive abuse. Considering the fact that the slaves are tormented even after they are beaten with salt being poured onto their wounds and verbally and emotionally drained. It is definitely very gruesome in Prince’s story, although, Equiano’s is very comparable. Another thing interesting to the life of a slave is the feeling of non-importance and no definition of their characters. They are always being sold to new masters and leaving their families. This causes a sense of insecurity in themselves and a ton of self-reliance. 


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