Similarities and Differences between Mary Prince and Equiano

     After just beginning “The History of Mary Prince,” I am immediately drawing connections from Mary Prince’s slave story to Equiano’s.  Generally speaking, both Prince and Equiano were slaves who were traded, sold, and travelled a ton because of their owners (though I think Equiano takes the travelled cake).  They both also begin their stories as children, who are content with the lives they are in (though for Prince, she seems too young to know what is ahead).  After being enslaved, they both recount horrific abuse from their owners and both share the sentiment that they would rather be dead than in the position of a slave any longer.  Though a seemingly obvious goal for any slave, freedom stood as the light at the end of both slaves tunnel.  Prince just happened to be unfortunate enough to have an owner, Mr. Wood, who would not sell Prince her freedom. 

     But I do think Prince’s story, even in its similarities, becomes very different from Equiano’s.  Prince’s acts of defiance, such as marrying Daniel James against the Woods’ wishes and refusing to work when she was ill, show a rebellious and determined side to her than Equiano mostly kept inside.  And when Equiano would turn to God in his most helpless of times, Prince fought through hers and pushed her story to be written and shared.  On top of that, the fact that Prince is a woman makes her stories of being a slave much harsher (at least to a fellow woman), her acts of defiance much scarier to read, and makes the fact that her story got published even more groundbreaking.  When being compared at a larger level, I think Equiano’s journey as a slave lead him to God and religion, while Prince’s seems to represent hope for all blacks still enslaved, as her published story grew in popularity. 


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