Final Project

For the final project I will be writing a research paper and will present it through a video. The video will have music, pictures and an audio recording of the essay.

My thesis/argument for the essay will be focused on Equiano’s narrative, “The Lady’s Dressing Room”, and other readings we’ve done over the semester implying the theme of power and superiority over women and black people/slaves. There has been a major shift in society favoring the roles of women and black people that have encouraged and grasped equality in every social aspect. Considering we now have a black president and not long ago had a woman running in the presidential debate (Clinton), or the fact that the ruler of England is a queen, renders a new revolution in the world’s history that should be titled. 

I am announcing the “Era of Equality” and will be proving it in my essay that encompasses examples from the readings in class and the historical events that have proven this shift in revolution.


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