Final Project!

For my final project, I’d like to explore satire as a method of shedding light on political unrest and social issues during the Georgian Era. I’ll begin my exploration with The Lady’s Dressing Room and other readings and then move on from there, researching other instances when this method is used. I think this is a fun idea for a paper because I tend to relate satire with The Onion and shows like The Colbert Report, and I never realized its not a new movement, satire has been used to draw attention to social problems for centuries.


I’m not entirely sure if I’ll tighten my lens on the Georgian Era or compair and contrast satire then and now, and I’d really appreciate some suggestions!


One thought on “Final Project!

  1. Hey Brooke — Satire is definitely a great and fruitful place to being your exploration, but I think it’s really key that you hone an argument before you begin. What element of social unrest do you find particularly playing out, and how does Satire shape the revelation of this issue?
    Let’s chat more about the shape this project will take. Can you brainstorm for me in a reply a handful of types of unrest you are thinking of tracking?

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