Project Proposal

I have the general idea for what I want my project to entail, however I may be in need of some advice or help. So here we go.

I really enjoyed Equiano’s slave narrative and find the topic of slavery to be extremely interesting. Having said that I would like to write my own slave narrative based off a fictional character as well as the research that I find. I do not want my journal to resemble Equiano’s in the sense that he was constantly traveling and never really settled anywhere too long. I think by allowing my character a consistent setting I could bring in other characters without having to frequently introduce new ones.

Here is where my problem is: Obviously we have to have a central theme and argument to this project. Writing about slavery, there is typically only one argument that arises: “slavery is wrong”. I will not exactly be surprising anybody in the class if I write a journal attesting to the horrors of slavery, so I need a more specific theme to examine and use it as my focus in the narrative. Krystal suggested a number of ideas, the best of which I thought was gender roles between slaves. I am leaning toward that topic as of now, but I am more than open to more suggestions.


2 thoughts on “Project Proposal

  1. How about Gulliver’s Travels meets Olaudah Equiano, where an outsider witnesses a nation’s slavery. You can make this really interesting by taking the idea of slavery as we know it and spinning it into something completely new. For example, imagine a world where slaves are chosen based on some other arbitrary feature besides skin color. What this will allow you to do is create a new world to compare/contrast with Gulliver’s world, and ultimately bring out the irony.

  2. This is a great idea! I like Apeiron’s suggestion. You can have “Equiano” enter into various realities such as where slaves are chosen based on gender, or hair color, or toe length, or anything, to show how ridiculous it is to judge someone based solely on their skin color. You can even have the slaves in the alternate worlds encounter one another somehow and maybe come up with unique dynamics among the different groups (maybe an element of discrimination between slave groups of the alternate worlds to expand on the irony).

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