At the end of Equiano’s journeys…

     After finishing “The Life of Olaudah Equiano” and thinking back on all of Equiano’s adventures, I am appalled by the sheer number of journeys he endured.  If someone were to ask me where the setting of this memoir is, I would have to give the vague answer of  “ships on the sea” (though London plays a big role first as Equiano’s desired destination and later as his home-base).  Because of the constancy of sailing in this memoir, I considered its correlation to slavery; much like the sails of a ship are victim to the winds, slaves are forced to endure and go wherever their masters desire.  Certainly falling prey to each master’s wishes, Equiano grew from his helplessness and found comfort in the idea that God was directing the winds that moved his life along.

     While claiming that Equiano’s slave-hood was endly beneficial for him seems extreme, I do think by the end of his life, Equiano sees how his initially being taken from Eboe lead him to the sea which he fell in love with and to God whom he understands is the reason behind everything.  Equiano’s life in Eboe was simple and enjoyable with his friends and family, but had he not been taken as a child, his life there would have stayed relatively the same, and he would never have endured struggles that lead him to his true calling: religion.  I think his strong faith and the fact that he wrote a memoir of his life story indicates that Equiano does not regret any stage of his life, even the terrifying or painful ones, because he is now able to work with other abolitionists and is able to practice and share the word of God. 


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