Project Idea

For my final project, I plan on writing a journal from the viewpoint of a fictional character to show how shifts in time represent cultural change. In the journal, my character will have just woken up in modern time after falling asleep in the 18th century. I will pinpoint specific topics and my character will describe the changes that have occurred within the topics. For instance, I will address food/drink/clothing changes—one entry will be focused completely on “tea” (I researched this for my historical wiki; I think it would be useful to use my research here) and how it is not as relevant in modern time as it was in the 18th century. I will do some research on clothing in the 18th century and address the changes that have occurred since then. I think it would be interesting to show how the role of food in the 18th century and modern time has shifted. I will also use the topic of gender roles—the fictional character will observe modern gender dynamics and contrast those with those of the 18th century. I will describe several historical events that my character lived through—possibly the South Sea Bubble will be one of them, since we talked about this in class and others researched it in their historical wikis. The purpose of this journal will be to describe prominent historical events in the 18th century and address cultural shifts throughout time in areas such as gender roles, clothing, food, and drink. This journal will be similar to the journal of Robinson Crusoe but have a similar theme to Gulliver’s Travels (waking up in an alternate reality)—this is how I am tying this in to things we’ve read in class. I would love any ideas or suggestions to make this better! Specifically, any location suggestions would be really great.


2 thoughts on “Project Idea

  1. Sounds like you have a lot to talk about. If you do not want to settle on a specific location you could write your journals much like the ones in Equiano’s narrative in the sense that he is constantly traveling. Perhaps your main character could be a ship captain or just someone who enjoys traveling and seeing the world. That way you can illustrate change not just through time, but through location and culture. Hope this helps.

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