An Immediate Response to Equiano…

     Equiano begins his memoirs by explaining that he writes from a place of appreciation for Heaven, which he believes is the reason his life took its certain path.  He writes this to clarify that he is not writing to boast about his life, nor does he consider himself a hero or someone who deserves recognition. 

     Knowing this, I thought it was interesting that Equiano’s first name, Olaudan, means fortune.  Although I feel like Equiano admires and loves Eboe, the town he grew up in, his description of the simplicity of everything (housing, clothing, dining, etc.) contrasts the life I would have imagined he came from if he considers himself fortunate.  This thought lead me to realize that before the story has really even begun, I already have a respect for Equiano because he is able to respect and appreciate where he came from, while still being aware of prejudices and higher classes beyond Eboe.  His addressing of racial prejudices towards the end of the chapter surprised me, and suggested that Equiano had left Eboe and was exposed to an alien European civilization before writing his memoirs. 


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