A Whole New World…to Equiano

     One of the aspects I have enjoyed most about Equiano is his reaction to the world outside of Eboe.  As Equiano is captured from Eboe and begins a tireless slave journey from owner to owner, he begins recounting his changing environments, which almost always present a new element to him.  Having been told about Eboe, in both its simplicity and distance from the water, Equiano’s reactions and shock to things beyond Eboe that are common to the reader is both amusing and saddening.  The sight of the river is immense to Equiano, but the later discovered slave ship travelling across the ocean boggles Equiano’s mind completely and his only explanation to himself is that the ship works under magic.  Similarly, his reaction to two-story brick buildings and men on horseback is baffled, and is very telling of his innocent but perhaps naïve upbringing so far from developed society. 


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