Women and Social Makeup

I’m not quite sure what to think of the poem I just read. On on one hand I could really have gone without reading the gruesome nature of the text but on the other hand I understand that even the most elegant woman have some of these revolting human qualities to them.
I suppose it says something about human nature that makes women feel the necessity to hide their imperfections by laboring for hours in order to make themselves look beautiful. But I’m not sure if it says more about women or men. Is it that men are so picky about the looks of their women that they shun any imperfection that women might have? Or are women so obsessed with the routine that they loose sight of why they are dressing up their imperfections in the first place? It almost seems as if they do it for a social reason amongst each other. And that sort of begs at the purpose of what I took out of the poem.
Women don’t want men to see all of the vulgarity of what they do in order to make themselves look nice. But if you think about it, would men really care if women didn’t pluck all of their eye brows or clean the grit out of their finger nails? Historically I would have to say that that isn’t the case. Men have still been getting with women since the beginning of humanity, and I dont think that women have always labored as hard as they do in the poem in order to attract men. That makes me think that all of this making up has to do with some sort of social routine amongst women.


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