Tricks of the Trade

She Stoops to Conquer due to the disguises and tricks that take place had me pondering about the disguises and makes we wear and the tricks and traps we set when we are initially dating someone or during the throws of a relationship.  Usually when one goes out on a date particular care is taken to look, behave and dress a certain way, so in a way a mask or a disguise is being donned.  Its not until the wear of the disguise feels comfortable with the object of affection that the disguise is taken off.  Thus effectively trapping said object of affection.  There is also traps that are laid (hopefully not if your in a healthy relationship) or shied away from during the relationship, for example, a person should never say “we need to talk”, as we all know this is the kiss of death for it really means, we need to break up, see other people, take a break, you did something wrong etc. etc. etc.  It is also not acceptable to say, “Whatever you want to do” or some other verbiage to that effect with the intention of the recipient of having to pick the “right” choice or a “wrong” choice.  While these traps should never be allowed to take effect, they are still employed.


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