Girl Power

      After reading this week’s readings “She Stoops to Conquer” and “The Lady’s Dressing Room”, a sense of womanly power came over me. For years women were/are symbols of the classy, the conservative, and the well-behaved human beings through time. Women wore fine dresses, they didn’t poop, they didn’t burp, in fact, some were wrapped up so tight they couldn’t breathe. The times have changed drastically and these two readings really opened my eyes to older time periods where women really weren’t much different than men.

            When reading “The Lady’s Dressing Room” a sense of special and unique femininity and intelligence comes through in a beautiful tone and prose. It was a great portrayal of what women really are—they are human. Women have the same biological needs that men do, women break the stereotype that everything is innocent and fairly beautiful. The dressing room represents a veil that gets pulled back and opened up to true beauty.

In “She Stoops to Conquer” was probably my favorite reading because it is an epic portrayal of women out-smarting men (like always). Not necessarily saying it is an easy process but women seem to be ultimately great at it. There is an ego that women don’t have that men carry and it just gets altered with every woman they come across. I found it interesting that the main character was more appealing when she became a maid, when she had less power than the man, then she was more attractive.

I want to relate these readings to a perceived and questionable phenomenon today where successful marriages are decreasing, relationship fading, the idea of one true love diminishing—women gaining power is the direct source of this. Times are changing, women are redefining this power within them that ahs been hidden for a long amount of time but has always been there. An unveiling truth is hitting society and men are realizing their true competition in the work force, on the home front and in school. This leaves the question of what will the future look like for both genders, for society? I want to know why it was always necessary for women to hold their true potential back and for men to think they hold ultimate superiority over them.

These two readings are classic examples of women and men being equal in every respect. The only difference is biological functionality. Intelligence, persistence and opportunity are equal—as in, they should be, that is not always the case. I really enjoyed these two readings and found them to bring forth many questions regarding women that are not answered and may never be.


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