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While reading the earlier letters of Clarissa there were several things I began to notice playing throughout.

For one, it was quite obvious the separation in gender roles . While Clarissa is a mature female and is portrayed to have blessed qualities such as intelligence, beauty and compassion, she is still treated as a child and controlled by the male figures in her life. Clarissa’s brother James makes it difficult and near impossible for Clarissa to make grown up decisions such as who she chooses to see. Even though James has no real reason besides his ego being bruised to dislike Lovelace, he insists Clarissa should never speak to him. Clarissa’s father also is seen to hold control of not only mentally what Clarissa thinks but as well as her physical actions. The fact that Clarissa leaves her large inheritance in control of her father demonstrates his control over her. What struck me as odd is that Clarissa chooses to have him in charge of her money, perhaps this leads to mental control as well. Lovelace also demonstrates to have control over Clarissa. He threatens to harm her family if she does not continue to talk to him and even goes as far as having spies watching over her. Personally this made me think , “that’s not a good relationship to begin with” but Clarissa claims that her families hatred towards him has made her interested. I do not believe this is true but think that she is also being manipulated by another male figure.

Another thing that caught my attention while reading was how hateful Clarissa’s family was to her. On the surface james and Bella claim to be persuading her options and choices based on the fact that they care for her. But I couldn’t help but think it seems like they are jealous of her. Bella nor James are included in the inheritance and then bella is denied Lovelace. But could money really be ore loyal than money and persuade families to destroy one another?

Commenting on Krystal’s post about food and feminism. I can completely agree with the fact that Clarissa when feeling unhappy or down does not seem to want to eat. It is common to hear that when females are upset they eat ice-cream and junk food, however personally this is not the case for me which I was excited to see was posted about.


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