A modest Proposal

I want to first start off by saying, this article is completely mad! But what’s worse is that even though I do not agree with what Swift is wanting to do, he has proof, knowledge and a plan which  does offer a solution  to 1)lowering the number of beggars and poor people on the streets, 2) helping those people to be able to make an income of sort without losing all dignity on the stress and 3)prevent further crime (from the young children who will grow up to do bad things). 


i could not believe what I was reading and that what he said actually made sense. I couldn’t figure out if this article was a way to limit the number of poor individuals in the community or if this was an attack on religion and “papists”.

Could Swift have been blaming all these issues on religion? Ireland is well known for having separation of towns due to religion differences. It makes since that this could be a probable reason. Also if he is saying it is the Papists who are having all these babies that will grow up to be beggars and involved in crime, it is most likely this same group of people he is referring to or this group of people who share this religion that babies will be consumed. Either way this guy is crazy!


2 thoughts on “A modest Proposal

  1. Hi Sarah – I agree with your comments about it being disturbing that Swift “has proof, knowledge and a plan which does offer a solution,” but we need to remember that he wrote his essay as a satire. However, even though it’s supposed to be a black comedy I still agree that it was a bit too convincing since he cites other scholars and literature.

    In regards to your question about Swift blaming all these issues on religion, to me it seemed more like he was blaming it on the lack of personal responsibility. Therefore, getting rid of the papists would be more of a “collateral advantage,” meaning an incidental result that happened to be positive (419).

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