What About Chowder?

Does anyone have any ideas about Chowder? He seemed like a fairly central character. He and Tabby were inseparable, and he had some prominent interactions with other characters. Then, he was abruptly given away and never heard from again. Is there a significance to this?


One thought on “What About Chowder?

  1. I’ve always wondered about Chowder as well — named after a soup, and there’s a fixation on what he likes to eat (I don’t have my text on me right now so I can’t source quotations) he seems like an interesting representation of how consumables are functioning in this text. As Thorstein Veblen said, (and I”m paraphrasing) the primary product of the leisure class is waste. Does Chowder represent another “wasted” life (a symbol of waste and excess) that parallels Tripsey and Tripsey’s puppy in “The Lady’s Dressing Room?”

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