I especially liked the ending of the book. Throughout the book I liked Humphry’s character, being so modest and just wanting to help and how appreciative he was, I thought towards the end of the book his type of character evolved. I guess we could say from the beginning when Humphry changes after being seen in rags not even covering his backside to a well dressed young man that he would change. As the book progresses I see him change to a more respectable type of character instead of the worker we are first brought introduced to who is bones and barely any clothing.  and now I understand why the book is tilted the way it is. I did not see the ending coming who would of guessed Humphry would find his dad ! Another character I want to talk about is Lismahgo. He is completely different from the other characters (his past , his present lifestyle and his attitude) it is no wonder that the others are so intrigued by him. Even though they all have in common the traveling, Lismahgo is much more of a rugged type of man who’s past has greatly influenced his personality. This mix of different cultures was very interesting to me and I wonder if this time period had anything to do with it. 


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