Logistical Reminder:

Dear all,

Please don’t forget that I’d like a final project pitch paragraph from each of you ASAP (but no later than the Fall Break). I am encouraging you to consider this project in any way that interests you. For instance, one of you have pitched the idea of composing a “class/status study” through a cookbook — creating historical recipes that are paired with an analysis of the type of citizen/character that would consume/cook said recipe.

I’ve spoken with some of you beginning your own blog, or series of images/encyclopedia entries/etc. in order to demonstrate your understanding of the period. Others of you have expressed interest in a traditional research/close reading paper. Essentially the sky is the limit — I simply want to encourage you to find a way to make the information we have been consuming this semester your own. Ideally, I’d like this project to be a reflection of your own intellectual investments. 

Happy writing!



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