And the verdict is…

Dear all,

I was waiting to get in a few of the other course evaluations, but I’m going to offer this synthesis based on the information I have received.

1) overwhelmingly, people like the blog format.

2) on the whole, it seems as though there is a desire for a more structured format for class discussion. By this I conceive of the following desired changes: If we are reading multiple sources we need to divide class in order to touch on them all; I will be reducing the number of critical articles we are reading as they add to your reading load (an issue some of you expressed having trouble with) and to the number of materials we need to juggle in class.

To further remedy this issue,  I also put forth a call to you all to remember that this is a hybrid course, and therefore we “lose” one hour of physical class discussion time. If we cannot get to everything in that time, the blog is the forum in which we will continue to  develop our ideas. (Kudos to Bridget and Kira for keeping our discussion going this week!).  We simply will not have time to cover every aspect of a novel in class, but I want to encourage you all to recognize the blog as a completely open space to pursue your thoughts.

3) The majority of you indicated that you like and enjoy the group work. I will strive to incorporate more and more of this into our weekly time together.

4) There seems to be a universal anxiety regarding the final collaborative project.  I am completely open to discussion on this matter. Some of you expressed your desire to do a term paper instead. I will open a thread on the blog with a few ideas I had for the final project, but let’s use this space to collaborate on what will be the best, most interesting, and (hopefully!) fun/intellectually stimulating assignment we can make it. 

Please feel free to keep the dialogue open as we move through the rest of the semester. It has been such a pleasure to work with you all, and I’d love to make for the best time together we can have!



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