That Hip London Style AKA French Fashion in the English Countryside

I also found the issue of food being a separation between town and country and as a marker of social status very interesting but there has been a good amount written about it and I don’t want to just repeat what anyone else has said. I do agree that the country and city differ as to their preparation and type of meal. The londoners are more suited to a french cuisine or a more complex style of eating or preparation than the country folks, but the country people have their own exotic dishes like tongue and brains. 


What jumped out at me is the fashion in the play. I agree CJ that it is pretty important and a clear way to point out the two sides to the reader or the viewer of the play itself.  I think that if it was performed today or even back then the costuming could have been pretty detailed, or at-least done well enough to make it obvious to everyone the social differences. 


In act one they describe the londoners as looking “woundedly like frenchman” or in other words trying to look french but obviously not pulling it off line 96 and describe Kate as liking “french frippery” after only a year or two in town. Also in act two line 180s they describe her dress as looking french but its a copy she tried. Im guessing the joke is that it looks quite bad- but I had trouble understanding alot of the coy jokes and little jabs at each-other. 


Overall I thought it was pretty funny and I think it would make an excellent high school production as I’ve frankly never heard of it before and think the semi small cast and few scene changes could be done rather well at that level. 


One thought on “That Hip London Style AKA French Fashion in the English Countryside

  1. I like how you put your opinion about what you thought about Kates’ dress style. I also was confused on the “jokes” . I feel like appearance in the play was absolutly important in helping understand how different social classs were treated.

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