A Question about Reading….

Hey everyone,

Thanks to those of you who have already submitted your mid-semester updates! I hope this weekend finds you well, and you are all hunkered down with a warm cup of cocoa in this chilly weather!  It’s a perfect  weekend for Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmith 🙂

I wanted to touch base and open up a forum to discuss the reading pace. How was the reading load for RC? As we gear up for a series of other novels (Humphry Clinker, Equiano, Clarissa, etc) I wanted to make sure that we are all able to keep up and enjoy these kooky (and awesome) works of the Georgian Era.

So how are we doing? What is a reasonable page load for a week? What would make us the most prepared to go into the week?

Happy reading!


7 thoughts on “A Question about Reading….

  1. For my own personal preference I would like better if we could focus on one reading a week. It becomes a little confusing when I try to read both and then don’t finish either but get half of each. also an example of a good load for me a week, I was able to read 1/2 of Crusoe in the week. I don’t know what page it was but that is how much was a good pass for me.

    • Sarah,
      point taken with regard to the notion of not discussing the readings for the week. I had every intention of getting to the Levi-Strauss and the Barthes. Stay tuned and I’ll post a “redux” for your use.
      Also thanks for the insight today in office hours regarding group work — we will definitely aim to utilize that mode more frequently.

      Keep keeping on, and best of luck with the Archival entries!

  2. I personally have not had a problem finishing the readings. It might have been slightly easier if it were more evenly divided, versus reading over half the novel the first week. However, I still found that it wasn’t too much to read over the course of a week.

    • Bridget,
      I don’t know how you do all that you do. You must never sleep! Thanks for the insight with regard to the reading, and I’m glad to hear that the load hasn’t been too overwhelming thus far!
      See you Wednesday 🙂

  3. Personally, I’m a really slow reader partly because I like to engage the text by highlighting and making notes in it; it’s my way of performing a preliminary close reading because I’ve found my initial reflections are often useful in writing my responses, where I pick passages to think critically about and properly close read, based on my in-text notes. Therefore, taking into account reading for my other classes, around 125-150 pages a week works the best for me!

    • Amy,
      Judging by your responses and your comments in class, I can certainly tell that your model of annotating your text is paying off! Thank you for the honest page assessment. I will try to structure the end of the semester syllabus around that limit as I want to give you all an opportunity to engage critically and thoughtfully as you have been doing.
      Keep up the wonderful and thoughtful work, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Wednesday!

  4. I agree with everyone else. 125-150 is a manageable amount of reading. If there was a ton more I might have some difficulty just due to other English classes/ work/ etc. I have been able to keep up with the pace so far though.

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