Robinson Crusoe

Crusoe X2

During the part where Crusoe becomes ill, it seems that that is when he truly becomes indulged in religion (maybe truly enlightened or not, I’m to sure) . When Crusoe has a hallucination about the man coming down on a black cloud condemning him, I can’t help but be reminded of all the other times Crusoe was warned and than for a “short while” gets scared into doing the right thing. This leads me to believe he is only acting religiously for his own personal needs, not necessarily his own wanting. Another thing the was extremely odd to me was the fact that Crusoe while reading the bible was drinking and using tobacco. Is this considered disrespectful in religions to do? That showed me that he was agreeing to attempt to be religious because he figured it might be the only way he will be “delivered” from the island. But at the same time it is like Crusoe is doing so only on his own terms.

While i was reading I couldn’t help but linger on the idea that while Crusoe was sick he lost a whole days worth of time that he now cannot trace and now has lost all control of his calendaring or keeping track of time. Does this have a deeper significance? Could this be a symbol for Crusoe losing all sense of control?

When Crusoe looks back at his journal entries the dates I believe have great significance. – for one he realizes that the same day that he left his families house for sea is the same day that he was enslaved by the moor. I took this as since the day that he left and went against his fathers will was the day he would live as a slave and have a hard life. Another significance that i found was that he was born on the same day that he landed on the deserted island. This brought me back to a conversation in class about the island being a way to show Crusoe as a single man for who he really is.

The footprint Crusoe finds is very interesting because for several years while on the island all Crusoe desires is companionship of another human. But now that several years have passed and he has it he is terrified. “Today we love what tomorrow we hate.” can this be a sign maybe Crusoe has changed? but how?Crusoe has changed from before the island seeing other humans as friends or people to communicate with, now to others being “devilish” or wicked. Crusoe is extremely terrified of cannibals and lives a life that is purposely to avoid contact with them, but in Crusoe’s earlier life he almost reminds me of a cannibal (not meaning figuratively) . Crusoe took complete advantage of other humans (Xury) and never thought twice about people he hurt if he needed or wanted to do something. Now, Crusoe is fearful towards this lifestyle.


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