Fast Food Wasteland

Artist Aaron Kerr creates a seemingly disturbing slaughter scene, but is it disturbing or somewhat enlightening? The 20th and 21st centuries brought innovation and efficacy to all aspects of life in the western world, at quite a price. As our lives became more “efficient” food began to drift away from the original home cooked meals in favor of whatever was quickest to prepare.  Throughout human history, the demand for food often outweighed the supply. At the time of this piece’s creation food had taken an interesting turn. Once the wealthiest people were the heaviest, obesity even signified a higher social status, things have flipped, now the poorest (in the western world) have the highest rates of obesity. It now costs more to eat a complete healthy, homemade meal than it does to grab a quick burger from a fast food joint.

So here we see a depiction of the popular Disney icon Mickey Mouse at war with this phenomenon. Beheading Bob’s Big Boy, hanging the Colonel, and Captain Crunch (labeled as the unhealthiest cereal money could buy by a children’s obesity team) on crosses, taking down the very tools used to market abominable food to children.  Let’s look beyond the welcoming,  innocent smiles of KFC’s the Cornel, Ronald McDonald, Bob’s Big Boy, Captain Crunch and the like, let’s remember what they really stand for. Is this the direction we want our food to go, veering further and further from it’s natural state.

Take a moment to think…Are you contributing to the degradation and increasing waistlines of society, or are you breaking the cycle?







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