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Foreign versus Familiar: Does Food Signify the World?

I am interested in considering  what Roland Barthes claimed food to do: “food sums up and transmits a situation: it constitute[s] an information: it signifies….One could say that an entire world…is present in and signified by food” (21).  Yet, in signifying the world, food, it seems, must first be familiar.  Upon first arriving, shipwrecked, in … Continue reading

Eighteenth Century / Robinson Crusoe

What is the nature of British identity?

“Thus from a Mixture of all Kinds began, That Heterogeneous Thing, An Englishman” –          The True Born Englishman Daniel Defoe declares in the preface to Robinson Crusoe that “the wonders of this man’s life exceed all that…is to be found extant; the life of one man being scarce capable of a greater variety”[1] – and … Continue reading